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Welcome to Tim Bodycare. We’re the leading national Massage School & Service Company specializing in Massage Franchise, Training, Corporate Massage and Massage Services.

Tim BodyCare is the most reputable and certified National Massage Training Academy in Malaysia; we offer international-standard ISO 9000 teachings and services for massage and spa. We are recognized by government and have worked with many government departments.

Tim BodyCare works with the government departments and companies of all sizes to create wellness programs and training for worklife balance initiatives.

It’s clear to see why the leading Fortune 500 companies offer massage as part of their employee benefits program. We’ve worked with HSBC, CitiBank, EDS, SHISEIDO, Double A Paper, ASTRO, exhibitors and many other companies by providing them corporate massage to reward their top achievers, sales department staff and brand building activity. Feedback "More and more, we find massage can have measurable medical benefits for a variety of conditions," we got from companies’ employees & customers are excellent. Employees feel appreciated by the company and customers find this as interesting & healthy rewards likewise enable employers to take a proactive approach to employee health.

MASSAGE therapy is great for the body, soul and mind



We are doing open interview with SOCSO, 23rd September, come and join us !


You use too much handphone or seat too long in office until become problem in spine, shoulder, neck.
You need a complicated treatment.


World need 450,000 therapist. Malaysia need 6,500 therapist. Come to Tim Bodycare Training Centre to learn and become Certified Massage Therapist. Upgrade and re-skill yourself to healer level.


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*Professional Engage Customers

Meet expectations of international/domestic customers
Giving 5 stars certified massage skill to customers
Deliver personalized, differentiated experiences

*Empower Employees

Protect your organization & people for complaining
Create a productive workplace
Provide insights, quality control and varieties to drive faster, better decisions

*Optimize Operations

Learn from the massage school 7 different massage services, you get to increase the responsiveness of your business to varieties of customers' need
Improve service levels and reduce lost of opportunities
Re-training and add skill of current staff will reduce costs of hiring more therapists
Anticipate the future with intelligent standard operating processes (SOP)

*Transform Products and Services
Utilize multiple skill sets and industry latest technology to shift from hindsight to foresight
Disrupt with new business models, products & services
Differentiate & capture new revenue opportunities

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