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Welcome to Tim Bodycare Corporate massage, your one stop Malaysian corporate wellness specialist. We’ve been tailoring corporate massage programs to the needs, budget and goals of our clients for 17 years and have now added additional wellness programs.

The benefits of corporate massage are huge, helping to reduce workplace stress, increase productivity, morale and staff wellbeing. Plus helping to attract and retain staff in the highly competitive work environment, not to mention reduced overall absenteeism levels.

Corporate massage helps combat the many strains and workplace injuries attributed to being seated at a desk all day, and our massage incorporates deep tissue, shiatsu and trigger point therapy for total relief.


With stress and repetitive musculoskeletal injuries being a major cause of workplace absences, workplace massage has become an increasingly popular solution and practice for businesses.

By tailoring a specific program to your needs and budget, we can provide massage therapy to suit your workplace, staff and time constraints, with seated massage offering a convenient and non-intrusive form of massage that is more likely to be taken part in.




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